Smart locks monitor the position of sewer valves at tank pits in the chemical industry in real time

The smart solutions of IOT Safety Company make it possible to easily realize safety improvements at companies with increased risks.

In accordance with PGS29, it is the intention that the position of shut-off valves for the discharge of rainwater must be verifiable. At one of our customers, we have now made it possible to follow this stand in real time and receive a notification when it is open longer than intended. With this, our customer can be sure that the valves are only opened when this is intended.

Article PGS29
“The shut-off valve intended for the discharge of water from the tank farm containment area must be installed outside the tank farm containment area and kept closed, unless the shut-off valve must be opened for the controlled discharge of rainwater. If the valve is exclusively intended for the discharge of rainwater, it may also be located within the tank farm containment area. The discharge may only take place after a check has shown that it concerns water that has collected in the tank farm containment area under normal operating conditions (drainage water) and is not contaminated more or differently than may be expected. The position of the valve must be verifiable on site. [vs 4.2.47, PGS 29: 2016, 1.1] ”

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