Smart locks follow all applied LOTOTO security resources in real time

The smart solutions of IOT Safety Company make it possible to easily realize safety improvements at companies with increased risks.

LOTOTO stands for Lock-Out, Tag-Out, Try-Out. This safety procedure is used to ensure that hazardous machines and product lines come to a complete stop safely before maintenance or service work takes place. Locks are often used here to ensure that switches, valves, connectors and couplings cannot be accidentally turned on or off.

By using our smart locks in the LOTOTO security procedure, it is easy and real-time to see where the security means have been applied, and what the current status is. In addition, an alarm occurs immediately if the locks are unintentionally removed (with or without a key). It is also possible to link the messages from the locks to existing systems through an API.

Since the locks can only be opened with a key, it is not necessary to modify existing procedures.